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Tech Ayra is a digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of Services and openings in the field of graphic design and website development.

Why digital Marketing

In kerala, digital marketing is presently one of the most sought-after professional paths. With the conception of “Digital India” and demonetization, all businesses are frenetically trying to digitise. still, the request isn’t relatively ready for it yet.

Tech Ayra, Digital Learning, Website design, Digital Marketing agency in Calicut, kerala unite with you to give personalised digital marketing services and a strategy that meets your specific business objects. Rather than being an agency that executes strategy blindly, we come an extension of your platoon, a mate who understands your request and pretentions. As well as Scholars, preceptors, marketing professionals, deal directors, entrepreneurs, and small and medium business possessors have all been trained by us.

Are You Up For A High Paying Digital Marketing Career?

We aim at offering scholars and entrepreneurs the topmost quality digital marketing course training to equip the coming stage of their professional, commercial or business conditioning. For a good literacy experience, we offer state-of-the art installations with expansive practical experience for genuine systems. We are following a thing acquainted class managed by digital marketing experts who have access to courses for transnational marketing experts. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO in marketing is largely substantial for every single websites and businesses. Fete the webpage on top of google and other search engines are only possible through  SEO marketing.

Website Designing

In the trip to come the stylish digital marketing company in calicut , we help our clients in the planning, and development of websites and webpages, numerous of which include content, sounds, images, graphics, etc.

search engine marketing
Search Engine Marketing

We help you to target juggernauts , manage budgets and shot, and produce effective advertisements, among other effects.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

We can help you to target your client via social media announcement to potentially prop your business in a short period of time.

All aspects of Digital Marketing are covered in one session at Tech Ayra. Our platoon is the most innovative and client-concentrated. We cover and comprehend the norms that must be met in order to eliminate internet

Digital Marketing Services Grounded On Data

Data and exploration are critical factors of commercial success. With results-acquainted digital marketing services, you can shoot the applicable communication at the right time on the right platform. To establish up-to-date data and brand’s strength, sins, openings, and pitfalls(geek). 

Crusade Analysis And Tracking

How can you determine if your company’s digital marketing services are efficient? We develop your crusade criteria and do yearly monitoring and evaluation to measure the performance of your tactics. We change your internet marketing styles and ameliorate your approach to followership targeting grounded on Google Analytics data, putting you in stronger fiscal position.


Tech Ayra is a digital Marketing agency that focuses on the requirements of it’s guests. Our internet marketing services are acclimatized to your assiduity’s requirements, web conditions, and budget. As a result, we can help you in carrying the necessary online attention without spending a lot of plutocrat.

On Job Training

On job training is handed to help them improve their capacities and succeed in their digital marketing professions.

Affordable Price

We have the best affordable plans for all the enrolled campaigners. Reasonable figure for every named course is guaranteed.

Placement Assistance

After successful course completion, the pupil will admit 100% placement backing in one of our client companies. 

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